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Homin Yongwonhi
Love Surpassing Time
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9th-Feb-2016 06:51 pm - Tense (9) Crossfire
Title: Tense (9): Crossfire
Author: xanster
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Genre: AU
Summary: Shim Changmin is a performer who has established himself as one of the top in the showbusiness industry in Japan. He gets hired to perform at a new club in Korea where he meets a certain Jung Yunho, who is as mysterious as he is powerful. But Shim Changmin did not get to where he is by being easily frightened by people such as him...
A/N: Inspired heavily by the Something comeback and was written a long time ago. I finally managed to sit down and continue with this series. All chapters were unbeta-ed and all mistakes are mine. This is a flight of fantasy; enjoy it as it is. All comments are appreciated.

"When the time comes, please tell Yunho to remember."

"Remember what?"

"That I've always been his."
24th-Jan-2016 10:12 pm - Winter Rose 5/5
rating: pg 13
pairing: yunho/changmin, changmin/victoria, yunho/kwon sangwoo
genre: romance, au

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The luggage was there, tucked under his desk. He remembered unpacking them on the first day. The window was closed. He remembered Changmin sitting there, inhaling the fresh cold air. Yunho walked to the bed and trailed his hand on the blanket. He remembered them under the bed, hiding from the world, and creating one for their own. Yunho took a deep breath and started to pack. Changmin’s clothes, his soap and shampoo, and the memory they had here, wish Yunho could pack them away too.
11th-Jan-2016 12:11 pm - Unleashed: Chapter 7

Title: The Return of the King
Fandom(s): TVXQ
Characters: Yunho,Changmin, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, and pretty much all of Suju and some SHINee. SM lovefest.
Pairing(s): HoMin (Yunho/Changmin), side YooSu
Rating: PG-13 this Chap
Summary: The plot thickens, but Yunho gets more answers and the key to his past...

Genre: Werewolf AU, Smut, Romance, Supernatural AU
Warnings: mentions of violence
Word count: ~4300

"Guys, we may have a bit of a situation..."

Also posted on Ao3..
Author: kyuhyeoni
Rating: R
Pairing: HoMin
Summary: Yunho may or may not be addicted to Changmin and Changmin may or may not be addicted to wine and Yunho. Set before Panic and patch me up, but can also be read as a oneshot i guess.
7th-Jan-2016 08:31 pm - Your Father and I (5/5)
zack fair | crisis core
Title: Your Father and I
aka Drunken Confessions: Remastered
Length: 17,305 words
Pairing(s): Changmin/Yunho, Yunho/BoA
Rating: Teen / PG-13
Genre(s): Romantic comedy, Drama
Series: Drunken Confessions

Summary: Yunho and Changmin say they are two single men with a five-year-old daughter, but when an old love resurfaces, the two fathers realize that they actually have something much more.

Lessons One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Lesson Four
4th-Jan-2016 01:12 pm - Rise as One #10 - #14
Series: Rise as One
Rating: R / NC-17
Pairing: HoMin / MinHo
Summary: Changmin hates change. Yunho accepts it more readily. But both now have to come to terms with not seeing each other or working together for two years. How will the experience shape them? Will they, when their enlistments are done, still be able to Rise as One?

#10 Stage Fright
Groundforces Festival and Changmin is upset about... Yunho's co-MC?

#11 Film Star
Tickets for Changmin's promo events are selling at ridiculous prices. Does that make him a film star?

#12 Clashing Schedules
Yunho is out on his first leave. Changmin is due to fly to LA.

#13 Making the News
Changmin is Ace. And even in the army Yunho can't escape the photo shoots.

#14 Cramp
Changmin's completion ceremony. Or should that be fan meeting?
31st-Dec-2015 10:43 am - Winter Rose 3/5
rating: pg 13
pairing: yunho/changmin, changmin/victoria, yunho/kwon sangwoo
genre: romance, au

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

“He’s my boss, Changmin-sshi. We have a professional relationship-“
Changmin stood up. “Do you think you can lie to me just because I’m blind? Why everybody wants to fool me now, huh?”
“I’m not lying to you!”
“You think I don’t know?” Changmin scoffed. “You’re a home wrecker and liar too, apparently.”
25th-Dec-2015 06:33 pm - [ x ] fic
in the curve of your soul (here you are again) — 1/2
rating: nc17
a/n: for haeym with permission from glitterburn as it is inspired by her work wolfsbane. split in half because LJ is rude =___=

NOTE (12/27/15): due to lj being a royal fuck up, this single chapter is going to be cut down into about three pieces. you have my apologies for any misconceptions. it is, however, all in one full piece on AO3.

(yunho has an inkling that, if he wasn’t on the cusp of being grossly and completely wasted, he would hate this place. he’s hunched over like all the others, nursing his soju as if it were a newborn baby. he cradles it, takes a nice, bitter swig every few seconds.)
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