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Homin Yongwonhi
Love Surpassing Time
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26th-Apr-2016 01:53 am - Looking for fics
homin caress
Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has fics from the author blosoms (the one that has community account called @chromeredhearts together with @pandragonriyong)? The personal account is deleted/purged, sadly ;(
Initially I was looking for this fic where Changmin has eating disorders and then he meets Yunho (the title is Fight For Me The Way I Can't), but tbh I'm open for any fics of hers.
Thank you!
6th-Apr-2016 06:58 pm - [Fic] Good Cop, Bad Cop
[Fic] Good Cop, Bad Cop
[Fandom] DBSK
[Pairing] Yunho/Changmin
[Rating] NC-17
[Genre] PWP
[Summary] Wherein Yunho's job involves wearing a uniform, and Changmin's requires removing it.

Good Cop, Bad Cop
4th-Apr-2016 11:25 pm - [ x ] fic
with you i do, R, 1229w. (1/3)
prompt: yunho and changmin retire and adopt a kid.

changmin holds down a throaty hum but knows he can't hide the way his eyes probably go dark. "out here," he ventures slowly, fighting against the sharp slam of need yunho never ceases to bring out in him. "in the middle of a lake—" changmin's breath comes in sharp and cold between his teeth; yunho is working his legs apart, palming his cock with just enough pressure. he tries not to grind into it. "where anyone can see."

"oh baby, no one's going to see," yunho shucks his gloves off, unbuttons changmin's jeans with cool, deft hands. "everyone is going to hear you, though."
27th-Mar-2016 04:43 pm - [ x ] fic
spic and span, NC17, 1664w.
warning: light bdsm.

the mess is intentional, that much changmin can tell. take out cartons from the fridge are strewn across the living room coffee table, laundry, once piled in the safety of the laundry room, is littered almost artfully down the hall. in the foyer there are mud tracks in the shape of shoes a single size bigger than his own. in the bathroom, there are towels on the floor.

changmin's mouth tilts upwards. the towels are clean.
Title: Mundus vult decipi: Chapter 1 (Prologue)
Author: Soulmateshinki
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Genre: Future AU
Summary: What is a man but his reputation?

“SM: TVXQ on indefinite hiatus; Choikang
Changmin preparing for solo debut”

“Love me or hate me, both are in my favor...If you love me, I'll always be in your heart...If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind.”
- William Shakespeare
prompts pulled directly from the homin kink meme.
(i scrolled through every single comment, and, as a person of no faith, let me just say that we are all going to hell. see you there, friend.)

garbage cannot, NC17, 1499w (prompt: changmin hires beyoncé to fuck yunho with a strap on dildo. jay-z comes to beat the shit out of him later.)

yunho thinks he might actually cry when he walks into changmin's apartment. there is a mortified girl with a name tag plastered crookedly to her shirt sitting ramrod straight on the couch, kyuhyun is deleting something off of his phone with a frown and changmin is wearing a death glare combined with a satisfied tug of his mouth.

beyoncé is having tea at the kitchen table.

"what the fuck?"

a lesson in the art of attraction, NC17, 2821w (prompt: english-teacher!changmin gets fucked by his student, yunho, inside the classroom.)

changmin tears his eyes from the way yunho's t-shirt fits against the curve of his arms and the line of his waist, crosses his legs behind the safety of his desk and feels a little less like shit.

for a moment he remembers siwon, a handsome, overbearingly christian student from the year before with a preachy-ness in all of his words, and thinks that he could definitely use some delivering from evil right about now.

"shouldn't you be in class?" changmin asks with a pointed look to the clock above the door.

21st-Mar-2016 03:38 am - The Garden's Tale. [2/?]
Author: kyuhyeoni
Rating: PG(for now)
Pairing: HoMin
Summary: Yunho likes plants and Changmin likes Yunho. Gardener/High School AU.
17th-Mar-2016 09:45 pm - Looking for fics
homin caress
Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone remembers the title or author for these 2 fics? They kinda seem similar tho

1. It's an angst fic where Yunho is trying to save Changmin from dying in every life cycles but he keeps failing
2. Also angst lol it's a reincarnation fic (it's in ao3 iinm) where Yunho & Changmin live in different places & take different forms every life cycles but they always can't quite be together.

Thank you^^
16th-Mar-2016 09:42 am - Looking for a fic
Hi. I am new to the comm, apologies if there is a mistake in my post. I wonder if anyone has the fic titled Advice for Young Fathers To Be. I couldn't recall who the author was, only that it was a recommended read. But I have been looking everywhere and it isn't available.

Thank you!
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