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1st-Mar-2015 05:26 pm - No Change At All
Title: No Change At All
Rating: R (fluffy goodness and a first kiss)
Pairing: HoMin / MinHo
Length: One-shot
Summary: Changmin calls Yunho a well-preserved fossil during an interview. Yunho wonders when Changmin has become so oblivious.

No Change At All
Does anyone have copies of the fics "everything goes my way" and "alabaster lover" by stupidrhapsody? If so, could you please send them to my email: pupeez4eva@livejournal.com

27th-Feb-2015 02:38 pm - Unleashed Ch. 1
Title: The Past Always Returns
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Length: Chaptered
Genre: smut, romance, WerewolfAU, supernatural
Words: ~4400
For this chapter, explicit sex, mpreg
Summary: “Wait. How do you give birth? Wouldn’t it kill you? Surely it won’t come out the….oh god…..” Yunho pales, eyes wide.

“I can definitely get used to this…”

For the Prologue, clicky here.
25th-Feb-2015 09:34 pm - Getaway 15/16
pairing: yunho/changmin
rating: nc 17

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

“You think we didn’t hear your ‘You’re mine, you’re mine’? You sounded like a possessive freak. I know you always are the calm one, but I never expect this is how you blow up.” Jaejoong added. “Now you better clean this mess before Changmin ran away and we find him dead on the street tomorrow.”
25th-Feb-2015 03:16 pm - In Between
Title: In Between
Author: Kkumkkae
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Changmin/Yunho
Summary: Changmin hates office parties, but maybe this time something good will come out of it

His own breathing was loud in his ears as he tried to pick up any sound, any sign of their enemies
24th-Feb-2015 10:09 pm - Come Early
Title: Come Early
Rating: PG
Pairing: HoMin / MinHo
Length: One-shot
Summary: Changmin and romantic gestures didn't mix. Or did they?

Not for a single moment had Changmin thought that it would actually work.
22nd-Feb-2015 03:02 pm - Wet Dream Come True
Title: Wet Dream Come True
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Length: Oneshot
Genre: smut, PWP, workplace AU
Words: ~4200
Warnings: Daddykink, Explicit Sex, DubCon..I guess?...bordering on non-con in places...? It's filth, seriously. Just absolute filth. Enjoy it.
Summary: Yunho has thoughts about his co-worker that could be deemed….unsavory at best. He’s a model employee, (for the most part) having been with the company going on 2 years, headed into a supervisory position for sure. His record is flawless, he always turns in exemplary work, right on time. His uppers love him, think of him as highly motivated, with a strong moral compass and good work ethic.
Oh, if they only knew.
From an overall standpoint, he is all of those things……
Except, of course, when it comes to Changmin....

"I’ve been such a bad little boy, hyung. Punish me Daddy, please punish me..."
23rd-Feb-2015 02:17 am - A Lesson by Shim Changmin
Title: A Lesson by Shim Changmin
Author: chocolet89
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Rating: NC-17
Length: Oneshot
Genre: Smut
Summary: Yunho needs to be taught a lesson (inspired by Yunho caking Changmin in the face at their WITH Nagoya concert 1 & 2)

(Yunho is in deep, deep trouble.)
20th-Feb-2015 11:09 am - Back to You : Chapter 2

Author: Ezralenne
Genre: Romance, AU
Warnings: DubCon, Alpha/Beta/Omega verse
Summary: They separated years ago. Or that is one way of putting it. Biology would not let them be completely free of each other though. Yunho plans to use that to his advantage.

chapter one
chapter two


18th-Feb-2015 11:40 pm - You're My Fantasy
Title: You're My Fantasy
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Length: Oneshot
Genre: smut, romance, historical AU
Words: ~4200
Warnings: explicit sex
Summary: But, he supposes in a way, he is Yunho's biggest fan...boy. Whatever. Changmin has dutifully followed Yunho's lead for too many years to count, and admired him beyond words even long before things took a romantic turn between them. That's the way it's always been, and though at times (MANY times) Changmin gives him a hard time and rebels against orders, he always comes around and has always had a huge amount of respect for Yunho. So, he supposes he's entitled to a little fanboy action. Finally, somewhere around episode three, Yunho appears, clad in traditional Hanbok, and sporting a serious expression.

A very serious expression.

A seriously fucking hot serious expression.

This is what happens when Changmin watches "Night Watchmen's Journal." :) Enjoy!

"That's the best acting review I could have gotten..."
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