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27th-Dec-2014 04:21 pm - [oneshot] Some Some
[oneshot] Some Some
Pairing : YunhoxChangmin
Verse : AU, model!shinki.
Rating : PG-13.
Requested by : xiatian21 who wanted Model!shinki meeting 1st time in a photoshoot

Summary : There really isn't any need for this bit of secrecy but it is the natural conclusion to a day of stolen glances. Yunho keys in the number almost before he is in the car and moments later, Changmin's phone beeps reassuringly.

Inspired by : Some - feat SoYouxJunggigo

Sometimes you feel like you're mine
26th-Dec-2014 06:21 pm - [fic] Whenever, wherever, whatever
homin caress
Title: Whenever, wherever, whatever
Author: lunnash
Length: one-shot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluff, um fail angst & smut?
Summary: Not only memories stay for a lifetime.

We still have many decades to come

here we are again! for the third time!!! it's been a busy busy month with finals and deadlines and cross-continent travels but with only a slight delay we round up another advent calendar! i hope everyone has enjoyed the ride because we certainly have. at times anyway haha. 8I for my part things went much not according to plan but i do believe hemi did better so! yay for things going as usual~ now it's time for us to celebrate a successful challenge with some christmas dinner! hopefully everyone is enjoying themselves and are having a wonderful winter break! /sohii

DAY I A Dozen Confessions
DAY II The Golden Crop
DAY III Wild Things
DAY IV Bosom Friends
DAY V Learning How Not to Fly</span>
DAY VI Jangmi
DAY VII Siren's Call
DAY VIII What I Know About Faith
DAY IX Moonrocks
DAY X Icarus
DAY XI Swallow the Sun
DAY XII 777 Hit the Jackpot
DAY XIII Learning Curve
DAY XIV In Bloom
DAY XV Lay Like This Forever
DAY XVI Sweetest of Temptations
DAY XVII The Cold Waters
DAY IXX All I Want for Christmas (Is Food)
DAY XX Evocation
DAY XXI Three Two One
DAY XXII Sins and Secrets
DAY XXIII Falling in Love the Way We Didn't
DAY XXIV Hallowed Be Thy Name
24th-Dec-2014 04:39 pm - [Fanfic] Reset - Chapter Three
Title: Reset
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Rating: R
Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance, Angst, Drama
Summary: Their love has finally reached its end after long battles of heart and mind. He let him go, but now he badly want him back. If only he can introduce himself to him as another person. Then maybe they'll be better than what they were before. If only their game called love just like any other games people play can be reset.
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine but the story is. It was set in completely different universe and I am not used to writing this type of genre. Forgive the upcoming errors. Cross-posted at AO3

“Things happened and you can’t undo them. You can’t go back and be who you used to be, even if you wanted to.”
23rd-Dec-2014 10:52 pm - Getaway
christmas 2
pairing: yunho/changmin
length: chapthered
rating: nc 17

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

“I admit that I know about Kyuhyun. And that’s why I’m angry, Min. Because you’re so careless. You have to be careful around him. He can betray you again.” Yunho said, his eyes on Changmin’s long fingers, rubbing each of them, trying to get rid of the cold. “Don’t trust anybody so easily.” He added, looked at Changmin this time.
“Can I trust you, then?” Changmin asked, looked at him deeply.
23rd-Dec-2014 01:12 am - fic request.
face, min
Hi all! Do any of you have a copy of Finding Paradise by emofacekitty? If so, would you mind sending it to me? I've been wanting to read it for quite some time now, but only if it isn't too much trouble. My email is hominnies@yahoo.com
Please and thank you!!
22nd-Dec-2014 11:20 pm - [fic search]
Happy Holidays, everyone!
Anyway, I'm searching for this fic in which Changmin was a vampire (I think?). He was turn into one by Jaejoong, and Yunho was the one Jaejoong had chosen for Changmin to mark as his servant.

I also remember the mention of vampire!Junsu and servant!Yoochun, and the fact that Yunho was apparently getting too old to be a servant (he has never had a master before), so perhaps this rings any bells?

I've been looking for this fic for quite some time and I have the feeling that it might have been deleted -but if anyone has it maybe they can send it to me?

Thank you in advance :)
23rd-Dec-2014 12:57 am - Help me
Anyone know the fic where changmin is baby wolf live in a forest across the city.Yunho met thieves and flow along the river.Then changmin save him.Changmin's brother was jaejoong.If anyone know the fic then send me a link or whatever you got.My email account is laysnow24@gmail.com.I think i read this in ao3.Please help me.I find this fic really long.
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