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Beware of the Leopard

Title: The Evolution of A Kiss
Author: yuxo and butterflyweb
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Changmin and Yunho and how their kisses change as they do--apart, but more importantly, together.

The moment they get inside the apartment, he takes the five steps that cross the infinitesimal living room and barricades himself inside the bedroom, flopping face down on his bed and trying to smother himself with his pillow.

Those jerks.

His face is still hot from embarrassment, his guts still knotted up and twisted this way and that, a lump in his throat the size of a softball. Junsu hyung had teased him mercilessly afterwards, his forehead pressed to the cool window of the van as he tried not to burst into tears or just punch the older boy hard enough in the arm to leave a bruise he'd remember. Yoochun hyung had given him a sympathetic look, but they were all still too much strangers for anything beyond that. At least they're giving him his space now.

He doesn't think he'd forgive them otherwise.


Well god, Yunho just doesn't know how to read minds, does he?

"Changmin?" Another soft knock at his door. He doesn't feel like answering--doesn't want to see his hyung, doesn't want to have to face someone like Yunho when all he feels is scorching embarrassment. He covers his head with his pillow and wills the older boy to just walk away.

Changmin can almost hear Yunho debating whether or not to press the issue. Leave, leave, lea-

"I can break the door down if you want."

Hot damn.

Changmin jerks off the bed and scrambles for the doorknob when he hears Yunho retreat a couple of steps and counting to three. He pulls it open, face set in an extremely unimpressed expression, and lifts an eyebrow at his hyung.

The expression is mirrored, but with a hint of remorse behind it.

"Are you going to stay in here all night?"

He tries to resist the urge to snap back petulantly, and settles on silence instead.

So much more mature.

"Are you going to not talk all night as well?"

Changmin stares. Then glares. The subtle difference in expressions isn't lost on Yunho.

"If it means anything, I'm sorry." His eyes soften and the corners of his lips pull down. Changmin can feel the anger draining out of himself.

"It," he starts, and Yunho takes three steps forward so they can stand closer. Changmin clears his throat at the proximity and casts his eyes down. "It was just mean, okay?"

A hand lands awkwardly on his shoulder. "But we didn't mean anything by it. It wasn't even our idea. It was just...a joke."

Changmin scowls at the floor, tempted to shrug off the other boy's touch. "Then it was a mean joke."

"And I'm sorry," Yunho says quietly, and Changmin can't deny the sincerity in the older boy's voice. He clenches his fists and heaves a sigh, not knowing what to do.

Yunho puffs his cheeks out in frustration and guilt. Desperate times call for desperate measures, especially since Changmin refuses to even look at him.

"Hey," he starts, moving both hands around the back of Changmin's neck. He takes a deep breath and leans in, violating all personal bubbles, and presses his forehead against Changmin's. The younger boy has no choice but to look into Yunho's eyes, face crimson with embarrassment and shock.

Yunho's gaze is steady on him, even as he feels his cheeks heat hotter, closing his eyes in a poor attempt to dodge the other's gaze.

"I thought I ruined everything, hyung," he confesses, mouth downturned. "I thought I messed everything up and you guys would never forgive me."

"Well if that were true," Yunho smiles, "Then it would be our own faults for putting you there in the first place. And then you'd never forgive us. And then you'd hate us forever. And then-" He cuts off when Changmin opens his eyes and gives Yunho an exasperated look.

"I-" Changmin starts.

"...What are you guys doing?" Jaejoong's voice interrupts their little session. Yunho freezes in surprise. Changmin startles and immediately tries to pull away, forgetting Yunho's hands on the back of his neck.

"Jesus-" Yunho says in a rush, tilting forward when he loses his balance. Changmin's back hits the doorframe and Yunho lands square on top of him, pinning him under a warm body, instinctively wrapping his arms around Changmin's waist.

Changmin squeaks.

"Already preying on the magnae?" Jaejoong drawls. "And you call yourself leader."

Yunho flushes and Changmin quietly wishes for Jaejoong's head to explode. Maybe if he crosses his fingers, all of Jaejoong's precious cutlery will explode too.

Quickly gathering himself, Yunho coughs in embarrassment, pulling away and not meeting Changmin's eyes at any cost.

"If you guys were so intent on doing something like this, you should walk into the bedroom-" Jaejoong is successfully cut off when Yunho squawks and takes a step forward to beat the living shit out of the eldest. Snickering unkindly, Jaejoong shuffles away to the safety of the living room.

"Uh," Yunho tries, staring at his feet. "He, uh...I..."

Changmin almost snickers despite his own blushing. He gives a sarcastic sigh, takes a few steps forward, invades Yunho's personal space. Desperate times call for desperate measures, he thinks, smiling shyly as he presses his forehead to Yunho's.

The older boy laughs, flashing a smile that shows off wonky teeth and ruffles his hair.

"Now that we've all been embarrassed..." A lopsided grin. "Forgiven?"

"...I suppose that could be arranged," Changmin sniffs. He takes a step back and tugs at his sleeves awkwardly.

Yunho leans in quickly before Changmin can get too far and kisses him softly on the cheek. "Kiss to make it better," he whispers in Changmin's ear, and turns away before the younger boy can reply.

Changmin watches Yunho walk away, heart fluttering nervously. He can feel his cheeks warming and a smile unwillingly pull his lips upwards in a solid smile.

Next time, he thinks, walking back to the bedroom, next time he'll turn his head.


His body is too lanky, too tall for the hospital chair he's curled in, the arms biting uncomfortably into his legs but he doesn't dare shift. Doesn't dare move. It's a game he's played with himself since he was a little kid and things were already too far over his head, too much out of his control. If he just stays still, holds his breath, doesn't step on the cracks in the tile, if he just doesn't mess up, everything will be okay.

Nothing that the doctors or nurses or Junsu or Yoochun or Jaejoong had said could even remotely convince him enough to leave, to walk away, to try and temporarily forget that this is Jung Yunho lying under sterile hospital sheets. That it's their strong, steadfast Leader-sshi lying pale and unmoving in a hospital bed.

Changmin bites roughly at his lower lip and lets tears well in his eyes. This isn't fair. None of this is fair. None of this was deserved.

He stares down at his lap, feels warm tears leave cold trails on his cheeks. He doesn't know how or when he falls asleep, but he dreams of nothing.

A nurse walks into the room and pauses when she sees an awkwardly resting boy half falling out of a chair onto the patient's bed. She considers waking him but decides against it. If he's here this late past visiting hours, then he's clearly here to stay.

Her patient is resting easier now, the worst through his system and he stirs as she checks his vitals, a guardedness in his eyes as if he's unsure where he is. She's about to open her mouth when said eyes light on the boy in his room, mouth slack and hair mussed, and fondness replaces unease.

"How long has he been here?" he gets out, voice raspy from the abuse his throat has taken. She clucks her tongue, tells him it's better if he rest his vocals.

"He's been here all day and it seems he wants to stay all night," she says quietly. Though her tone is disapproving, Yunho can see a soft smile hidden in warm eyes. "Now, you get some rest and get better so we can send him home." She gives Yunho a pointed look and he nods, letting his eyes slide shut.

But first, he rests a hand over Changmin's, letting it warm his heart.


Changmin wakes to gentle rustling and defeated sighs. He takes three seconds to wonder in disorientation just where the hell he is, why his face is pressed into a bed, and why he has twenty different cricks in his neck. Then he remembers and his heart rushes to his throat as he jerks up, looking around wildly.

"Morning, sleepy-head," Yunho smiles, voice still hoarse.

Changmin gapes, mouth open. He can't force anything coherent out of his mouth.

Yunho takes a long look at the tear tracks down Changmin's face. His heart warms and he curls his fingers around Changmin's hand even tighter, alerting the younger man for the first time that they have their hands joined.

"This soup is gross," Yunho chuckles, "They won't let me eat anything solid yet. Some breakfast, huhn?"

The relief coursing through Changmin's body is so clear and solid that fresh tears spring to his eyes. Without another word, he climbs onto Yunho's bed, fully aware of the startled expression on Yunho's face. He doesn't need to think about it, doesn't want to think about. He just does.

Yunho melts more than little when Changmin suddenly kisses him, hiccuping a little against his lips but never backing away. It's a thorough kiss and his eyes close before he can control it.

"Does it taste better now?" Changmin breathes shakily when he finally pulls away an eternity later.

The other man is silent and Changmin feels his heart bob in his throat, starting to pull away when Yunho tugs him down to fit against his side, still warm and strong and his hyung, even with an IV in his arm and a gray cast to his features and Changmin clings back, head tucked against his shoulder.

"Much," his hyung says quietly, running a hand through Changmin's unwashed hair.

"Yunho," Changmin croaks after a long moment of silence, purposely leaving the honorific off.


"Next time, pass me the drinks first, okay?"

Yunho feels his heart clench. "I can't do that, Min-ah."

"You'll have to. If you're ever that stupid again, Jaejoong-hyung won't be the only one I one-touch."

"Oh I see," Yunho chuckles softly, "You'll hurt me to keep me from getting hurt. How sweet."

Changmin pushes himself up and just about crawls over Yunho's lap. He ignores the heat rising in his cheeks, the pounding of his heart in his ears, and gives his best watery glare before stubbornly kissing his hyung breathless. Yunho nearly upsets the soup and thinks nothing of it, wrapping his fingers in strands of Changmin's hair and kissing back.

When it breaks, Changmin can't help but sniffle, staring stubbornly into the man's face, putting on his best older brother voice.

"Got it?"

Yunho pets his hair, stroking it back from his eyes and gives him a wry smile.  "And what if I say no?"

Changmin frowns deeply, clicking his tongue. "Then Changmin-sama will have to punish you."

"I'd like to see you try."

Changmin almost pounces on him again with a growl, heart painfully heavy and indescribably light. He gives Yunho breathy kisses, sloppy kisses, slow kisses, desperate kisses, and every in-between he can think of.

Death by oxygen deprivation, Yunho thinks to himself in a daze. He tightens his grip around Changmin's neck to deepen and encourage every kiss he receives.

But man, what a way to go.


Somewhere, in the sensible and responsible parts of his brain, he knows this is work.

But it's hard to remember with a cerulean sky and white beaches, the sun turning his skin darker than it is already by nature and leaving his clothes plastered to his body with sweat. The hyungs are out on the AVs while he's elected to wander the beach, dodging in and out of the surf and digging for sand crabs. It makes him feel like a kid again, a break from the mature young adult he tries to be, and he only wishes Yun--someone would've stayed behind with him.

"What are you doing?"

Changmin yelps in surprise and falls on his hands on knees into warm sand, heart jackhammering in his throat. He takes a few seconds to regain his breath before jerking up, whirling around to glare at Yunho.

Yunho stares at him with wide eyes. "Why the fury?" he asks in a small voice. He discreetly slides his eyes down a toned torso, showing clearly through the shirt sticking to Changmin's body.

"You should alert people of your presence before you go around scaring the shit out of them!" Changmin huffs, brushing sand off his knees. Then he remembers what he was doing and shuffles to stand in front of it so that Yunho won't see.

"What are you hiding?"


Yunho rolls his eyes and grabs Changmin by the shoulders, pulling him into a sweaty hug. Changmin squeaks but melts into Yunho's chest against his will.

"...You should go finish that heart you were drawing," Yunho whispers into Changmin's ear, causing all sorts of chills. Changmin turns all the shades of red he knows of and buries his face deeper into his hyung's shoulder.

Yunho continues to stare at his own name written in the sand, followed by a huge heart that was almost complete.

"Hate you," Changmin mutters, thumping at his shoulder with a closed fist before pulling back, ears still burning.

"What's the rest of it?" Yunho asks, a sunny smile on his features to rival the one in the sky and Changmin is afraid his face is going to catch on fire. "Yunho hearts what?"

"The beach?" Changmin offers weakly, subtly trying to kick sand over his creation.

Yunho smirks and it's the work of the devil. "Close, but not quite," he says, pushing Changmin back onto the sand. Changmin stares up at him with a strange look, caught somewhere between shock and lust and adoration.

The older man shifts Changmin around until his head rests right after the huge heart drawn in the sand. "There," Yunho smiles, "That's about right."

"You heart my head?" Changmin squeaks.

"Yes, I heart your stupid head," Yunho snorts laughter, and leans down to press a firm kiss on Changmin's lips. A pleased hum reaches his ears and Yunho leans more into the kiss, daring to dart out a tongue to lick at Changmin's lower lip.

Changmin shivers despite the heat, grinning up at the other man.

"I knew you were always jealous of my mind."

"Whatever," Yunho breathes, "We both know I only want you for your body."

Changmin laughs despite himself and swings a leg around Yunho's waist, throwing his weight sideways until he's pinning Yunho into the sand. When his hyung's mouth opens to protest the turn in events, he takes the opportunity to lightly latch his teeth onto Yunho's lower lip, sucking and nipping until Yunho gives in with a husky moan.

"I am Changmin-sama," he whispers victoriously. "Hear me roar." And erupts into giggles as Yunho tickles his sides mercilessly, wrestling him into the surf.

"Hyung!" he gasps, writhing helplessly, the waves washing over their legs. "Hyung, please!"

"Never!" Yunho cackles, feeling and acting about a third of his age, tumbling and rolling with Changmin into the water. The chill makes both of them gasp but neither relents, determined to fight it out until one is victorious. "I'll show you who's on top!"

Changmin freezes and stares, red-faced, as Yunho looks down at him innocently. He starts giggling uncontrollably when Yunho refuses to catch the sexual innuendo packed into that one small sentence, shaking with laughter.

"Yah! Quit laughing!" the older man protests, face set in a mask of consternation, pinching at his cheeks obnoxiously as Changmin shakes.

"Oh--" he gasps, trying to catch his breath, "Oh, hyung, I love you so much."

The laughter dies as soon as the words are out of his mouth.

Yunho hears all the sounds around him dull to a droning roar, and he knows his mouth is hanging open in shock. Changmin's face tells him the younger man's just as shocked as he is by the sudden confession.

"I-" Changmin begins, tongue numb. He doesn't actually know what to say at this point.

Yunho snaps out of it when he sees Changmin's expression begin to border on panic. "Changmin," he starts to say.

Changmin makes a panicked whimper and tries to get up, get out from under Yunho; he wasn't ready to confess something like that yet, he's not ready to have this talk yet, not ready, not ready-

"I love you too," Yunho says, firm and sure, and crushes his mouth against Changmin's as he pushes the younger boy back into the water. He tangles fingers in Changmin's wet hair and moves his other hand down the length of Changmin's torso, eliciting a growling moan from eager lips.

The younger man arches up against him, an arm circling his torso, but Yunho can read the uncertainty in his eyes. 

"How could I not?" he murmurs, biting at his own lip when he feels Changmin's response against his hip.

"Tell me again," Changmin gasps, pulling desperately at Yunho's wet shirt, "Tell me again so I'll know for sure."

"I love you," Yunho mumbles against Changmin's lips, drinking in all the kisses he can. He can feel himself losing control when he knows he shouldn't be doing this, definitely not right there, but he finds himself unable to care.

Changmin slips hands under the dripping cloth of Yunho's t-shirt to slide against a firm abdomen, grinning slyly to himself when Yunho groans in appreciation. "Tell me again," he demands, heart soft.

Yunho closes his eyes and lets his mouth open so Changmin can slip a tongue in. "Love you," he pants somewhere in between and wonders vaguely if this is what people liked to call "topping from the bottom." And even though he knows it is, he can't stop himself from letting it happen.

Changmin draws a leg up to hook over Yunho's waist, tongue sliding against the older man's, fingers wound into his hair. "Just me?" he breathes, eyes dark with want and Yunho can't seem to find his words, settling for kissing the young man until neither of them can breathe.

It's then he realizes that his hips are moving of their own accord, pushing forward and back and leaving Changmin's expression glazed over, soft noises falling from his lips.

Shit! his mind is screaming and Yunho groans in remorse, tearing himself away and collapsing in cold water. He dunks his entire head into the waves, breathing out frustrated groans that bubble to the surface.

Changmin lies still in shock and dazed lust, staring up at reddening skies, body thrumming with adrenaline and want. He thinks he might've died somewhere without realizing it.

Yunho resurfaces, slicking his hair back out of his face. "Min-ah, we can't." His eyes rake over the wet clothes clinging to Changmin's hard body, the tan that disappears just under the edge of his shorts...why again?

Changmin very stiffly turns his head to half-glare, half-pout at the older man. "Why can't we?" His finger taps a very restless rhythm of annoyance and sexual frustration out on his own thigh.

" I, and we," Yunho flails. He stops breathing altogether when Changmin slowly molests his body with his eyes and darts out a tongue to lick at the corner of his mouth.

"But I want you so badly," Changmin growls, sitting up suddenly and crawling over to Yunho on his hands and knees. Yunho almost has a seizure in his lust-induced state and tries to scramble away, only to be attacked when Changmin throws his entire weight over the older man's back. They collapse back into the water and Yunho tries to keep the moans mainly in his throat when he feels something insistently hard pressed against his back.

"Changmin," he gets out, biting the inside of his cheek to the point it nearly bleeds. "We can't. You're too young."

Statuatory, he tells himself, chants it like a mantra.

Changmin stills above him and Yunho almost sobs with relief. Any more of this and he thinks he might actually give in.

"Fine," Changmin says incredibly evenly and gets to his feet. "My birthday's not that far off."

Yunho gapes as Changmin calmly walks back to the hotel, all the implications and promises in that last sentence doing all sorts of things to overheat his body. Groaning helplessly, feeling drained beyond reason, he falls back into the water and lets the cold wash away his immediate desire.

Nobody comes out to find him until it's almost dusk out, and Yunho yelps in surprise when Jaejoong's grinning face suddenly appears in his line of vision.

"What!?" he demands, sitting up in a rush and shivering as a breeze chills the wetness on his body.

"Yoochunnie just told me he heard Changminnie jerking off in his room a little while ago," the eldest grins. He waggles his eyebrows up and down. "Would you like to say anything about that?"

Yunho stares at him for a full half-minute before splashing water at Jaejoong's face. "You...just! Get the hell out of here!" he yells, squeezing his eyes shut, knowing his face is tomato red.

Jaejoong laughs all the way back to the hotel. Yunho considers following--then thinks about this new bit of information.

Changmin. Jerking off. In his bed-

Yunho quickly lies back into the water, suddenly wishing it was even colder.


Yunho thinks that the lack of sexual gratification in his life is slowly driving him insane.

He clenches his fingers around the arm of the seat, hanging on as the bus rounds a corner and staring far too furtively at the brush of Changmin's long hair against the smooth nape of his neck, trying to resist the urge to sink his teeth into it. It isn't until Yoochun gives him a strange look over his sunglasses that he realizes he's all but drooling. Damn Changmin and their coordis alike.

"I want ice cream," Junsu declares out of the blue and Yunho groans on the inside. The sooner they get back to the hotel, the sooner he can go take a cold shower and jerk off-

He clears his throat uncomfortably, getting another weird look from Yoochun.

The bus comes to a slow stop in front of another picture perfect piece of architecture. They shuffle out one by one and Changmin slings an arm around Yunho's shoulder, tilts his head until Yunho's tilts his own head towards Changmin.

"Why the gloom face?" Changmin asks, his own expression one of smiles and sunny disposition.

"Nothing, nothing!" Yunho tries to laugh it off. Changmin turns and lifts an eyebrow but doesn't pursue it.

Of course, when Changmin buys himself a vanilla ice cream cone and begins to attack it with slow, dragging licks of the tongue, Yunho can't stop himself from staring and clenching his thighs together. Yoochun stares at him with wide eyes and Yunho's aware of this, but it doesn't make him whimper any less loudly.

Changmin sucks a dollop of melted vanilla off of his thumb, eyes closing breathlessly.

Yunho twitches.

"Would you just fuck him already?" Jaejoong mumbles under his breath, flipping through his magazine. Four pairs of eyes snap to him.

"What?" he growls. "The unresolved sexual tension is making me horny as hell and since I can't do anything about it, can you two please just get it over with?"

"Hey, he can fuck me whenever he wants. I'm just waiting for him to make the first move."

Four pairs of eyes now snap to Changmin's extremely unamused face, and he stares back at all of them, right eye twitching. "What!? You think it's any easier for me being at the receiving end of this!?"

Yunho pinches himself four times. This can't really be happening. Not out here, in Paris, in public, on a freaking double-decker for god's sake, with Changmin offering himself out loud for a whole audience of people to hear-

"You hear that, oh wise Leader-sshi?" Jaejoong glares, "Do something about it!"

But unless they all want to go to jail for public indecency, all he can do is cross his legs and pray they're destined for the hotel and fucking soon.

Junsu just slurps on his slushie and grins.

"Somebodies' getting laaaid tonight~"

Yunho waits until he sees a small tree branch overhead before kicking Jaejoong's seat. He feels instantly gratified, even though not sexually, when Jaejoong leaps up with a squawk and is whacked in the head.


When they finally get back to the hotel, Yunho thinks he may have ruptured something important down south from all the repressing and resisting.

Changmin gives him an easy look before slipping into his hotel room, leaving his door open. Junsu looks at Yunho who keeps staring at the floor, twitching occasionally.

"Well," Junsu says extremely loudly, "Yoochun? Would you like to accompany me to gather some sustenance? I feel rather famished."

Yoochun snorts and grabs onto Jaejoong's arm. "Come on, we're all going to gather some sustenance. Yunho-hyung, you're not invited. Get it? So please, find something useful to do with your time."

Yunho delivers a stunning rendition of Death Glare v.8.5 at there backs, chewing at this lip and glancing furtively towards the open door. He clears his throat. Taps his foot. Counts the stripes on the wallpaper and determinedly refuses to acknowledge why he's putting this off when all he wants to do is take Changmin against every available surface and maybe a few forbidden ones.

You're afraid he'll be disappointed, a evil little voice in his head snickers and Yunho glowers at the floor.

Am not.

Then get in there and fuck his mind out! Then he won't be able to be disappointed!

Well, who can argue the logic in that?

Swallowing the ball of nervousness in his throat, Yunho crosses the threshold and closes the door behind him with a fate-sealing click. He counts his steps down the hallway (seven) and takes a deep breath before looking up. He stares at Changmin staring at him.

"...Didn't think you'd actually come," Changmin says expressionlessly, pants halfway down his thighs. He looks down at his severe state of undress, desperately wishing he hadn't already taken off his shirt.

"I'm sorry," Yunho blurts, taking a tentative step forward, running a hand awkwardly through his hair. "I'm sorry I made you wait so long."

Changmin arches an eyebrow but makes no response. Dammit.

Yunho inches forward, climbing onto the bed and hesitating a moment before leaning forward to leave a kiss on Changmin's hip. "Sorry I've waited to do this." Another kiss, this time to his navel, and then again just below. "And this."

Changmin gasps noisily at the sensation and falls against the bed, throwing his head back when Yunho mouths his erection through the thin layer of his briefs. He moans eagerly as Yunho breathes against it, warming and then burning the hardness underneath.

"Don-Don't go slow," Changmin groans, arching his back. Yunho's fingers graze the sides of his stomach, dragging down to his hips, nails digging into soft flesh. "I need you, I want you," he breathes.

Yunho bites his lip in an attempt to find some self-control. He sits back and begins to take off his shirt, fumbling and getting lost in the fabric in all his desperation to get it off. Changmin lets out a strangled laugh, tearing it the rest of the way off him and no doubt ripping it in the process. Yunho can't bring himself to care much.

He leans forward, covering the younger man's body with his own, sucking and biting noisily at his neck.

"It's our first time, Min-ah," he mumbles. "I don't want it to be a quick fuck."

"Sap," Changmin growls, hands running up along his back. "Please, Yunho..."

Yunho moans in soft refusal and continues to suck downwards, taking his time to cover as much skin as he can with possessive kisses littered with small bites. Changmin makes delicious noises and Yunho doesn't even know how he's waited this long.

He pauses to grab the edge of the younger man's briefs and mentally prepares himself. Changmin's dark gaze doesn't leave Yunho's face for a second, breath heavy with lust. Yunho pulls them down along with the pants and counts to three before daring to look up and all the blood in his body rushes immediately to his own erection.

"Oh..." he mutters breathlessly, eyes wide and heart hammering. He's never wanted anything this badly in his life. He doesn't even know where to start.

"Fuck, hyung," Changmin whimpers, and the word sounds so deliciously sinful on those full lips. "Don't just look." His face is red from embarrassment, and Yunho remembers how shy their youngest can still be sometimes, even when he has nothing to be self-conscious about.

"You're so fucking beautiful," he breathes, ducking his head to ghost his breath over the other's erection, feeling it twitch against his cheek and listening to Changmin moan.

Changmin thinks he may orgasm right there, just knowing that it's Yunho who's currently at face level with his penis and forces himself to stop thinking about that, stop thinking about it before he really does come everywhere before anything even happens. All thoughts all screech to a standstill when Yunho darts out a tongue to taste him, and Changmin twists fingers into the sheets, moaning loudly at the hot wetness.

Encouraged by the reaction, Yunho leans in and takes the tip of Changmin's erection into his mouth, tongue lapping gently at the slit. A series of desperate, almost frantic moans nearly drives him insane. Groaning, he takes in more of the younger man's erection, wrapping his hand around the rest that doesn't fit.

"Yunho, god, Yunho!" Changmin just about cries when his hyung starts bobbing up and down. He chances a look downwards and immediately looks away, infinitely more turned on from the image of Yunho with his eyes closed, mouth fit snugly around a throbbing erection, sucking uncertainly but radiating eagerness.

He's panting as if he's run a marathon, greedily sucking air into his lungs only to loose it to a cry or moan, sweat sticking his hair to his forehead and temples, fingers white-knuckled in the sheets.

"Yun-Yunho, fuck, please, I'm....I'm gonna come, I--"

Yunho pulls back the instant the words reach his ears, throat tightening at Changmin's frustrated sob. He crawls forward, caging the younger man with his arms and legs, biting at his earlobe. "I want you to come with me inside you," he whispers, face hot.

Changmin whines high-pitched and desperate, arching desperately in search of skin contact. Yunho growls when Changmin's hot skin comes in contact with his chest, sitting back quickly to fumble at his own jeans. His fingers shake as he undoes the button, whole body trembling with anticipation as he strips, feeling Changmin's heavy gaze on his body the whole while.

A low moan catches his attention and Yunho looks at Changmin's face. The younger man's gaze is honed in on his achingly hard cock and Yunho blushes, crawling back up to kiss Changmin's eyes closed.

"Mmm, now, I want you in me now," Changmin murmurs against Yunho's mouth, dragging fingers through Yunho's soft hair and down his neck to rest against a defined back. He opens his eyes just enough to observe the look of pure ecstasy that crosses Yunho's face when he jerks his hips up to brush their erections together.

"Fuck, fuck," Yunho gasps, dropping his forehead down to hide his face in Changmin's neck. He takes a moment to calm the fuck down before wrenching himself away from the bed, half-running to the bathroom, trying desperately to ignore the soft whimpers Changmin makes at his departure.

The younger man will be the death of him, he decides grimly, sliding a bit on the bathroom rug and banging his hip off the counter. Swearing, he grabs the little sample basket of lotions, no time to decide which to select and hightails it back to the bed, Changmin grabbing him into a kiss the moment he returns. The other is determined to steal every speck of air from his body and Yunho's not about to dissuade him, moaning into his mouth and tugging him close.

"Which," Yunho starts and clears his throat to get rid of the huskiness, "Which one do you want?" Changmin stares at him in loving disbelief and Yunho feels like he just failed in some way. "We-well!" Yunho tries harder, "There's..." He looks down into the basket and takes out a few small bottles. "There's fun fruit explosion and mango mayhem and velvet vanilla-"

"Velvet vanilla!" Changmin rolls his eyes, shaking his head. He pulls Yunho close and tongues the shell of his ear, grinning at the eager moan it causes.

Yunho shakes his head to regain coherency, even though it doesn't really work, and pops the cap. A mouth-watering scent of vanilla fills the air and Yunho suddenly realizes that this was a bad idea. From now on, if anyone ever has vanilla anything in his presence, he just knows he's going to associate it with having sex with Changmin and pop a boner.

"What the hell are you thinking about!?" Changmin demands, grabbing Yunho's hand and squirting a generous amount all over the older man's hand. "Yunho, I love you, but come on. I'm dying."

Yunho plants a hand on his chest, pushing him back to the sheets and leaning over him, pressing a hard kiss to his mouth. "So impatient," he murmurs, sliding a hand between Changmin's legs and feeling for the entrance of his body, pushing a finger in so slowly he's barely moving. Watching the expressions crest and shift over that beautiful face.


Yunho's not quite sure what to make of that. "...Oh...good oh, or oh bad oh?" he asks, eyes wide and betraying the uncertainty and fear he's feeling.

"...Oh...different," Changmin blinks, taking a deep breath. It's driving him crazy that Yunho's now just staring at him and not moving. "Yunho, darling, muffin, you must move."

Yunho turns red and captures Changmin's lips in a kiss. He licks at the bottom one until Changmin allows him entrance, sliding his tongue over the younger man's teeth. He withdraws his finger before pushing in again, barely hesitating at the breath Changmin hitches, pumping at a slow pace.

"Nnn...more," Changmin gasps, squeezing his eyes, tilting his head back. Yunho presses wet kisses down his neck and deftly adds a second finger, grimacing when Changmin makes a soft noise of foreign discomfort.


Changmin bites his lip, worrying it between his teeth and tries to relax. "It's....just give me a sec."

Yunho waits patiently, unmoving but to press a trail of kissing over the other man's flat abdomen, along each rib to rest right over the thud over his heart, hoping to soothe. Changmin swallows hard, trailing a hand through Yunho's ungelled hair, twisting it around his fingers before nodding. "Okay.

He draws his fingers out slowly and works them back in, scissoring and stretching, stroking the inside of Changmin's passage until the other is squirming under his attentions, heels digging into the mattress. "Yunho...."

"Shh, relax, Minnie-ah," he breathes, his erection aching to be inside Changmin's tight heat but he'll be damned if he ever does anything to hurt the other man.

Changmin makes sure to take deep breaths and focuses on the thought and feeling of Yunho's fingers inside him, gentle but sure, slow but steady. "More," he croaks when he adjusts enough to handle it, melting under Yunho's reassuring kisses, fingers tangling in the soft locks of Yunho's hair.

Yunho doesn't question his decision and adds a third finger, surprised when Changmin's first reaction is to cant hips upwards for more.

"I-I don't even know," Changmin breathes, gnawing at his lower lip as Yunho's fingers slowly slip in and out. He rocks his hips up in search of deeper penetration.

Yunho loses his breath, precome slick against his thigh as he watches Changmin's face, eyes drawn to him like a magnet as he twists his fingers to breach the younger man further, crooking them and waiting for the reaction and feeling his knees nearly gives out when it comes.

Changmin arches clean off the mattress, a harsh, guttural cry on his lips, face flushed and body shuddering. "What....what..."

"It's okay-"

"It's not fucking okay!" Changmin snarls, eyes wild with desire, "You fucking fuck me right now before I lose my fucking mind-" He cuts off abruptly when Yunho curls his fingers again, and Changmin sees all sorts of stars and spots, crying out at the depth of intensity burning low in his abdomen. He whimpers and lets out a frustrated sob when Yunho does it again and all he can do is clench the sheets desperately, praying for more.

Yunho gives his almost-lover a long, simmering look, taking in the flushed skin and closed eyes and parted mouth and knows he's pushing it as far as he can. With a low moan of appreciation, Yunho removes his fingers, gives a reassuring smile when Changmin's eyes fly open, and grabs the small bottle of lotion. He covers his cock generously, hissing at the coolness.

"Yunho please," Changmin all but begs, desperation keen in his voice as Yunho pushes his legs up, lifting them over his shoulders and drags Changmin's hips to rest on his thighs.

"I love you, baby," he murmurs, leaving a sucking bite to the inside of Changmin's knee before positioning himself and starting to push inside, letting out a jagged moan at the blistering, suffocating heat of the other man's body.

Changmin cries out loudly, again and again as Yunho pushes in, hands scrambling to hold onto something. He's never felt this sort of...fullness, doesn't know how to react to it, doesn't know why the only thought in his head is moremoremoremore more.

The pain makes him grit his teeth and he wheezes through a couple of breaths, waiting for himself to get used to it. Eventually, it fades to a dull burning, and Changmin suddenly notices the way Yunho's trembling, head hanging in concentration, breaths coming out in uneven pants.

"Please, Yunho," he whispers, knowing this is exactly what he's been waiting for, "Please, make me come for you."

Yunho's eyes fly open and a quiet moan leaves his lips before he's bracing himself around Changmin's body, pulling his hips back and thrusting in slowly.

Changmin nearly sobs at the movement, fingers digging into the mattress, set to tear holes in the sheets because nothing can ground him, nothing can support him against the burning pleasure that is Yunho moving inside him, setting off fireworks behind his eyes. He can feel the electricity between them lick at his spine, the heat of it all taking his breath away.

"Oh god...."

Yunho moans helplessly, using every working muscle in his body to keep from pounding into the younger man. He pulls air through his teeth and thrusts again to the very base of his cock, crying out at the heat and tight muscle constricting around his penis.

Changmin arches and loses all his breath, screaming soundlessly into the room. His eyes roll back and he thinks he's just going to die, he'll fucking die, he doesn't know how anything in the universe can feel so good.

"F-fa-" he stutters and pants, rocking his hips desperately. "Faster!" he gets out in a loud yell when Yunho angles his thrusts and drives in that much harder, sparking fire in his body. Changmin can feel his cock burning, beginning to hurt with his need to release.

His fingernails dig half-moon grooves into Yunho's arms, skin covered in a sheen of sweat and he feels so fucking hot he could claw his way out of his own body, needing some kind of release, some kind of escape. "Yunho....Yunho...." he can't think, can't process anything but need and want and Yunho and the aching, near painful pleasure that he brings with every thrust.

Tears are streaking his cheeks, slipping down to pool in his ears, from sheer frustration and desperation.

"Fuck, Changmin!" Yunho gasps, stilling immediately. "Are- Did- Am I hurting you?"

"Not in the way you're thinking," Changmin gasps in a sob, yanking Yunho down for a brutal open-mouthed kiss. "Listen to me, Jung Yunho, if you don't keep going and make me come in the next five minutes, you are in for a world of hurt when tomorrow rolls around." His eyes blaze desperate lust and Yunho swallows roughly, so turned on it causes him pain.

"I...I love you," he whispers, nuzzling his nose against Changmin's cheek before dropping his head into the younger man's shoulder. He doesn't need to be told twice and pulls himself out, takes a deep breath, and rams in.

A garbled scream falls from Changmin's lips but Yunho doesn't let him catch his breath--just pistons back in, setting an almost insane pace, hearing the bed creak in protest under them. Changmin digs his fingernails into Yunho's back, grunts and moans accentuated with each hard thrust into his body. He can feel his orgasm start to coil tighter and wants it so bad he doesn't know what to do with himself.

"Please...please," he pants shamelessly, "Yunho, so...close, please!"

Yunho cries out Changmin's name, rocking their bodies together. He loses his mind in unspeakable pleasure, and it feels like nothing he'll ever be able to describe in words. Rhythm slowly fails him and it's all just in and out, in and out, faster and harder and he screams when Changmin screams, feeling himself about to tip over the edge.

And loses it when the younger man spills over his own stomach and thighs, comes without ever being touched and clenches around him so hard Yunho's afraid he might pass out, his entire body shaking with the effort of staying conscious. He releases hard and fast, hips jerking as he fills Changmin with his warmth, slicking his insides with the evidence of heat and lust, letting long legs fall from his shoulders to collapse over him.

"Love you," he slurs, mouthing Changmin's shoulder, trying to still the shivers running through his body. "Love you so fucking much."

Changmin moans to let the older man know that the feelings are more than mutual, a distant part of his mind wondering if this was all a dream. Can something this  wonderful honestly exist in the real world? Then he thinks of Yunho and decides maybe the come drying on his stomach and the way Yunho's warmth is all around and inside him is just another one of those things he's going to have to learn to accept. Not that he's complaining.

"I love you," Changmin murmurs in agreement when his trembling finally stops, sliding his fingers through Yunho's damp hair. "I love you," he says again, wishing the words could even begin to convey a tenth of what he feels. "I love you, I love you, I love you-"

Yunho stops him with a tired and sloppy but equally amazing kiss.

The phone rings shrilly from beside the bed, an insistent bleating forcing it's way into their intimacy.

Changmin growls against his lips. "Don't pick it up."

But the leader in him demands otherwise, pecking Changmin on the nose before reaching over, tucking the phone between his ear and shoulder because he's too weak from his orgasm to simply hold it up.


The obnoxiously loud sounds of catcalls and cheering burst over the lines, Junsu screeching in the background.

Changmin starts laughing quietly, face flushing but still just as happy, throwing a hand over his eyes as Yunho's murderous rage makes itself known in the form of an undignified scream, yelling at them to just shut the fuck up you bastards before I open up several cans of whoop-ass and that's as far as he gets before Changmin grabs the phone from him.

"Stop listening in," he grins darkly.

"Aw, baby Minnie's all grown up~" Jaejoong drawls over the line and Changmin can hear Yoochun dying in the background.

"Seriously, go listen to someone else fuck."

"Can't help it. Walls in Paris are apparently thinner than paper."

"Then turn off your ears," Changmin shakes his head. Yunho has long since buried his face in Changmin's shoulder again, nuzzling and clinging to the younger man's body. "You're so needy," he says to Yunho, and sighs in exasperation when Jaejoong screeches with laughter.

"No, Changmin-ah, I'm happy for you," Jaejoong sighs when he calms down. "Take care of him, okay?"

"Yeah," Changmin blushes, face softening as he looks down at the older man cradled in his arms.

"You know what? We'll leave. Do it again."

"What?" he laughs. Jaejoong? Being kind?

"Yeah, we'll go peruse some cheese. Now go! Get on with it!"

"City of love?" Changmin smiles, gently twirling a lock of Yunho's hair around his finger.

"City of love," Jaejoong says quietly, smile evident in his voice. Changmin hangs up without another word, lets Jaejoong find the thank you hidden in his silence.

Tags: author: b, author: y, media: fanfic, rating: nc-17
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