jaeminvirusisme (jaeminvirusisme) wrote in homin_yongwonhi,

Hi ... I've been searching for this fics for a month already ... i couldnt find it coz i dont remember the title..

Its one or two shot if i remember it correctly... its about a married homin. Changmin is sick and yunho didnt know about it coz Changmin keep it as a secret .. and then there's this super junior member ( i dont remembr who he is ... emmm heechul ? siwon ? or leeteuk ) found out about changmin sickness when he found changmin medicine ... and changmin beg him not to tell yunho . And before he die .. he ask yunho to make love to him ( in the bathroom ?) ... yunho still oblivious that changmin is sick.. after changmin die.. yunho become a mess.. and when he went to visit changmin grave a year later with that suju member ( i dont remember ) and he kill himself right in front of changmin grave by drinking poison

if anyone know or remember  this fics.. please let me know... i want to read it again...
Thank u in advance >.<
Tags: ! request/search
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