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Help Please for HoMin BlowJob Fic

Hello please help me. I read a short fic based off the MV Sky DBSK and it was where Yunho was in the hotel room trying to give himself a blowjob and Changmin catches him and gives him one, Yunho was shy and was trying to explain what he was doing when the Maknae found him. Plz I know this fic exists please help me find it.
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Hello, Does anyone here have a copy of Blowing The Whistle by Fliuor? I can't find it anymore :( and I'm dying to read it again T^T Please please please if you have it, let me know in the comment or you can send it directly to 🙏 Thank you!
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Decided Fates 11/??

Title: Decided Fates
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fantasy, Angst, Romance, Action
Warning: Mature themes and situations. Switching POVs.
Summary: In a faraway realm, there is a long standing war between the royals and those who want them out of power. In a fateful battle, the second prince of the realm is wounded and no doctors are left able to heal him. A master alchemist is taken hostage from the rebels to treat him. Thus begins their twisted fate. The royals win the devastating battle despite the wounded prince, and having impressed them with their skills, the alchemist is taken as a prize. Together they discover their own magic.


Fics from purged journals

Hello, longtime lurker here. I have mostly read all of Homin fics so if anyone has some saved from journals that have been deleted, and if you are willing to share, please do so.

My email:

Thank you!

P.S. Any fic will do, but angst with happy ending is love.

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[fic] Expensive [1/1]

Title: Expensive
Series: The Trophy Wife
Author: beeswaxing
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: NC-17 Length: One-shot
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: 17 year old Shim Changmin is still trying to figure out the ins and outs of his “relationship” with his brand new 33 year old fiancé, and when you throw in hurried wedding planning and an auction that should never have happened, he is at the mercy of his own impulsiveness, causing him to do something rather inexplicable.
AN: I’m super sorry I know I owe you guys part 19b but I was out with my husband and some others and we were talking about christmas charity things and someone suggested this as an option to spice up secret santa and I guess I tweaked it a helluva lot hah.


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Hello dears,
I need your help finding this fiction. It is a werewolf fiction where both yunho and Changmin are alphas. Yunho is a businessman and Changmin is a student who goes to school with yunho’s sister. At first yunho didn’t accept Changmin because he is an alpha too. Of course they end up together but yunho was always busy. Changmin was doing photography as a hobby and he took yunho’s photo the first time at the company that photo was one of the picked up for charity. If you know which fiction is this or have the link please tell me.

There is another favor i was trying to find anyone who has these fictions and can send them to me they are 1- Saven days
2- Advice for father to be
3- There's A Limit To Your Love by Stupid Rhapsody
My email is

Thank you in advance