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[Fic] It's the Water

Title: It's the Water
Author: yuxo
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: MinHo and Homin
Summary: A little tying up, a little sexy, a little desperate, a lot of love. There's no place like home.

A/N: light bondage!fic. there's been so much fucking homin lately my poor little heart just can't take it. fic contains picture "evidence." cough. :') god the minho comm runs my life dies. D: :')


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


It’s like when they finally go back to Korea, some terrible, generous force decided it would be funny to pop open a crate of sexual tension laced with super-hyper-happy-magical-loving-times in Changmin’s and Yunho’s faces and then leave them to work it out themselves.

Junsu is not amused.

“What the hell is that!?” he exclaims, pointing at the television screen.

“Where’s the salad dressing?” Yunho asks from the kitchen.

Yoochun pats Junsu on the arm. “If it makes you feel any better, I was the one sitting closer to Changminnie.”

“How would that make me feel better? Look at them touching and shoving and stroking and petting and clawing at each other,” Junsu sniffs in disdain, “You’d think they haven’t been having loud, raunchy sex sessions until the wee hours of the morning for the past forever months or something.”

“Disgusting, shameless flirting,” Jaejoong agrees from the kitchen table. He shoves another spoonful of cereal in his mouth. “Why would going on MBC Radio Show cause extreme horniness you ask? Because it’s leader-sshi and Dong Bang Baby. That’s why. And radio shows clearly call for skinship. Psht.”

“I can’t accept this,” Junsu harrumphs.

“You learned to accept it in Japan,” Changmin comments, appearing out of nowhere at all, going to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of salad dressing before dropping it in Yunho’s hands. “I’m sure you can learn to accept it here.”

“I suppose all your enthusiastic fucking does motivate me to go out and find a girlfriend,” Jaejoong muses.

“Don’t encourage them!”

“Sorry.” Jaejoong goes back to watching TV from the kitchen and ignores Yunho who has his arms looped around Changmin’s waist, very blatantly hitting on the younger man. Changmin seems to be enjoying it above anything else, all lewd smiles and naughty glints in eye, leaning forward into the embrace just enough to ghost his breath over Yunho’s lips.

“You just can’t keep your hands off of him, can you?” Junsu asks.

“Why would I want to?” Changmin and Yunho both ask at once.

Yoochun sighs in exasperation when they immediately grin at each other and almost fall into the kitchen sink together at the force of a sudden make out session.

“We should go back to Japan,” Junsu says, rolling his eyes. “I have a feeling nobody’s going to be getting any sleep for the entire duration we’re here.”

“It’s the water,” Jaejoong claims.

“It’s just them,” Yoochun groans, falling over on top of Junsu.

“Earplugs,” Junsu says.

A rather enthusiastic moan causes three simultaneous cringes and distraught groans. Jaejoong gets up with cereal bowl in hand and starts walking back to his room. Junsu pulls Yoochun off the couch and starts dragging him to his room as well.

“You don’t want to leave, do you?” he asks when he’s met with a little bit of hesitation.

“Well…we wouldn’t have to pay for porn anymore…” Yoochun pouts.

Junsu actually seems to consider for a second before blinking and shakes his head quickly. “No. No, I refuse to watch two of my bandmates go at each other.”

“We wouldn’t have to look at their faces…?”

“Ugh, I’d rather make my own porno.”

A pause.

“No, Chunnie-ah, that wasn’t really an offer.”


“…I’ll think about it.”

“Junsu-yah!” Yoochun coos, “you’re my faaaavorite!”

“I damn well better be,” Junsu mutters under his breath, shutting his door tightly and pulling rainbow earplugs out of his pocket.


“Maybe we should tone it down a little,” Yunho sighs, running fingers through Changmin’s hair. He feels Changmin shift until a nose is pressing against his throat and can’t help the lopsided smile growing on his face, sensing the pout before he can see it.

“I guess…” Changmin says. He’s been finding it rather odd himself, all this skinship and insatiable need to touch ever since they stepped off the plane from Japan. It’s really nice, definitely more than nice, but he can see it’s starting to drive some of the other members crazy. “Well,” he shrugs against Yunho’s body the best he can considering they’re both squished atop each other on the couch, “we can cut back on the sex a little, I think.”

“Aw,” Yunho jokingly pokes Changmin in the shoulder.

“Not that I’m not enjoying it,” Changmin grins, rolling his eyes in affection, “but you know…there’s been a lot of dancing lately and uh…yeah.”


“…Are you laughing at me?”

“No, of course not. Just snickering.”

“You idiot,” Changmin laughs, pushing himself up and kissing Yunho solidly on the mouth, “I bet you’re going to lose it from lack of sex before long anyway.”

“Yah! Is that a challenge!?”

“I guess.”

“Fine,” Yunho sticks out his tongue and laughs when Changmin gives him a Look. “We’ll see who breaks first.”

“Fine!” Changmin sticks out his tongue in retaliation, rolling off of Yunho and getting to his feet. He’s not desperate enough to need constant physical contact and he knows Yunho’s a rather physical person. This one’s in the bag. “If I win,” he turns around to amend, “you have to do whatever I want for an entire night.”

Yunho stretches along the length of the couch, slow and lazy, knowing Changmin’s eyes are fixated on him. “Sure,” he agrees, “same for me then.” He arches his back a little and makes a vocal declaration of how good it feels to stretch in the form of a low moan.

Changmin clears his throat and turns away, nodding to himself. “O-okay.” It’s in the bag, it’s in the bag, he thinks to himself.

“Oh, Changmin-ah?”


“I love y-”

“Ahhh!” Changmin cries, clamping hands around his ears and running for his bedroom. “You’re cheating! Stop cheating!”

“All’s fair in love and war!” Yunho yells after him, laughing with the distinct feeling that the next couple of days are going to be excruciating and fun at the same time.


Night one passes without much fanfare. A kiss before bed and they go to their separate rooms.

“Wow, I never thought I’d see you here again,” Junsu says.

“Shut up,” comes the witty reply from Changmin, settling down in his bed, grabbing a pillow and hugging it in his arms, discreetly naming it Yunho-buns before nuzzling it to sleep.


Yunho pouts at the ceiling for half an hour before rolling over to Changmin’s side of his bed and buries his face into the younger man’s pillow. His bed and room were never that big to begin with but without his favourite person there, it just feels far too empty.


“God, they’re losing it,” Jaejoong leans around Yoochun to whisper in Junsu’s ear.

“I know,” Junsu mutters back through clenched teeth, determined to keep the unaffected smile on his face, “they’re really trying so hard not to be obvious and it’s making it more obvious.”

“Maybe we should just let them fuck again.”

“It’s the best three nights of sleep I’ve gotten since I can’t even remember how long ago. No, Jaejoong-hyung, the answer is n-”

They both fall silent as Yunho instigates a rather awkward shoulder-pat and Changmin reciprocates with a restrained waist grab. There is a collective cringe when Yunho stares all heated and lustful at Changmin’s face as if he’d like nothing more than to ravish the younger man right there on stage before stiffly moving away and putting some distance between their bodies.

“Okay fine,” Junsu whispers. “Just for the sake of no more awkward shit like this after performances, maybe.”

“They can’t even control themselves on stage,” Yoochun chortles, watching Changmin and Yunho stubbornly look away from each other.

“At least they’re trying.”

“Wonder how long it’ll last,” Jaejoong smirks.


By the fifth night, Changmin’s doing no less than clutching at his pillow in bed, letting out the occasional tortured sigh, rolling this way and that on his mattress.

“Ow,” he says when Junsu throws a small, semi-hard object at him and it bounces off his head.

“Go to sleep!” Junsu hisses.

“Trying!” Changmin tries his best to keep the whine out of his voice and grimaces when he hears a little leak out anyway.

“Just go to him if you can’t make it through the week!”


“Why the hell not! If you’re going to keep me up anyway you might as well do it with sounds of noisy sexual satisfaction instead of tortured sexual frustration!”

“We made a bet!” Changmin groans, kicking his legs on the bed. “I can’t go to him first. I plan on winning, okay?”

“I hate both of you, so, so much,” Junsu deadpans. “Just…just go to sleep. I’m so tired.”

“Well, maybe if you quit visiting Jaejoongie’s roomie all the tim-”

“Keep talking, Shim Changmin. I’ll suffocate you with Yunho-buns in your sleep.”

“Shutting up~” Changmin whistles, turning over and raising his eyebrows, hugging his pillow protectively.


Yunho jerks off for the third time that day in bed and considers giving in. Because honestly, doing whatever Changmin wants in bed all night long…well…wouldn’t it be good for the both of them anyway?


It’s basically decided for him as soon as Yoojin’s radio show comes rolling around.

The first picture they take is innocent enough, Changmin’s arm slung around Yunho’s shoulders and leaning away from him to keep the other man’s sexy scent from invading his nose.

But he doesn’t know that Yunho’s already decided to lose.

His brain, not to mention his balls, has a mini seizure when Yunho comes up behind him in the middle of a conversation and pulls his arms back until they’re locked behind his body. And then the older man’s pressed really closely against his back to the extent where he can feel warm breath tingling down his neck.

YUNHO CROTCH, Changmin’s mind screams.

Junsu makes a strange heart in front of him. He doesn’t know why Junsu’s making a strange heart in front of him.

“Picture?” Someone comes up to them, holding a camera.

CROOOOTCH, Changmin thinks.

“Guhmufauh?” he says.

“Sure,” Yunho grins.

A click is heard and Changmin has no idea what’s going on, only dimly realizes that he must have a terribly sexually frustrated expression on his face.

“Yah, Changminnie, you okay?” Yoochun asks from elsewhere.

Crotch, crotch crotch crotch, he thinks miserably.

“Guh?” he replies.

“Are you alright? You’re looking a little…drooly.”

“Penis,” he says.

Yunho freezes behind him. There’s an extremely silent and awkward pause.

“Bee…knits…” Changmin says, very, very slowly. “A…bee…knits.”

“Riiiiigggghhhhht…” Jaejoong says, returning to his phone conversation. “No, it’s okay,” he says to the other person, “nobody said penis. You’re hearing things.”

Changmin turns a little to shoot him a glare but it comes out looking rather weak. And a little horny.

“Come stay with me tonight,” Yunho whispers in his ear.

All of a sudden, the rest of the day fails to matter.


Changmin almost dies in relief when he stumbles into Yunho’s room after brushing his teeth instead of going back to his own. He’s been staying in the older man’s room for so long that the past week without Yunho pressed against his side as he sleeps seems like some sort of sick nightmare.

“Hyung,” he almost moans, just about falling onto the bed and crawling towards the other man, coming to a stop once he’s got knees to either side of Yunho’s hips, head bowed dangerously close to Yunho’s face.

Yunho blinks up at him. “What are you doing?”

“…What does it look like I’m doing?”

“Are you surrendering?”


“Then go to sleep.” Yunho kisses him on the cheek, pushing him sideways. Changmin’s so confused he doesn’t do anything except topple and lie there.

The older man sighs in contentment and closes his eyes, muttering a quick good night and turns away.

Changmin stares at Yunho’s back for another two minutes before sighing to himself, miserable and somehow very lonely. He gives it another minute and scooches forward to throw an arm around Yunho’s waist and pull their bodies together, back to chest, nuzzling at the other man’s hair and inhaling his scent.

He’s far from satisfied but just being near Yunho again lulls him to sleep in a matter of minutes. He dreams in high definition and surround sound that night and it’s all very NC-17 and full of unmentionable things.


Yunho cracks an eye open about half an hour after he feels Changmin’s breathing even out. His blood is practically boiling already—there’s an almost cruel heat rolling off of Changmin’s body and it’s driving him mad—and it’s only the knowledge that he’ll soon get to relieve some of his frustration that keeps him from waking the younger man and fucking him into the mattress.

There’s some ninja skills involved in getting out of Changmin’s grip. Maybe the youngest needs to work out less, Yunho muses, because he can’t get out of the fucking embrace.

After some muted huffing and puffing and finding out just how flexible he really is, Yunho finally manages to slink away and almost rolls right onto the floor. He catches himself at the last second and tip toes to his clothes drawer, fumbling around until he finds the appropriate materials.

Changmin is stripped carefully and efficiently upon his return to the bed.

Yunho smiles to himself, licking his lips at all the delectable skin laid out right in front of his eyes. He drinks it in greedily before picking up the fuzzy red handcuffs he bought in Japan and starts his work.


He’s dimly aware of something keeping him from orgasm but he’s not sure what. Then there’s a soft huff of laughter near his ear and Changmin jerks awake, blinking in disorientation.

“…Yunho?” he mumbles, groaning when his arms won’t move. A sliver of panic runs through his system when he tries to shift his arms and something smooth slides up his cock at the movement.

“Hey, baby,” Yunho smiles. Changmin turns to look at him, eyes wide and uncomprehending, and Yunho leans forward to kiss him gently on the lips. “You win. I surrender.”


“Your wrists are cuffed in case you’re wondering.”

Changmin finds it hard to do anything except blink. Indeed, his hands are cuffed tightly right under his ass and they’re starting to fall asleep. Another experimental shift of his arms and he gasps, glancing down in confusion, jaw dropping at what he finds.

“How…did…” he sputters.

“You were having a really good dream,” Yunho smirks. “It wasn’t hard to get you tied up.”

His erection is trapped underneath a silk handkerchief, the ends of which are tied behind his body to the handcuffs, creating a makeshift rope that has his cock pressed up against his abdomen.

“Do you want me?” Yunho asks, breaking Changmin’s attention away from his own body. The look of incredulity and lust doesn’t change though, and Yunho eyes the younger man like a delicious meal after being starved for a week.

Changmin tries to sit up but the slight shift sends the silky material sliding up his cock again and he moans helplessly, head lolling to the side. A week of sexual frustration rages in his body and mind. Fuck, fuck everything, at this point, he’ll do anything Yunho wants if it’ll bring him a little satisfaction.

“So?” the older man continues, moving to straddle Changmin’s lap, “do you want me?”

“Want you,” Changmin groans, eyes still closed, “want you so much, Yunho.”

A wet kiss is placed on his sternum and then the hot mouth is closed around his nipple, licking and then sucking. Changmin gets out a few gasps and arches, choking on a breath when the movement pulls the handkerchief tighter against his cock.

“Take it off!” he groans. “Please, Yunho!”

“Patience,” Yunho says into his skin, licking and biting lower and lower, Changmin shaking slightly underneath him. The younger man is torn between moving the way his body wants and staying as still as he can to not cause himself any further torture.

Changmin tenses with anticipation and whines when Yunho’s mouth skips his cock and goes straight for his thigh instead. “Please,” he whimpers, twisting his body in reflex as Yunho sucks on his inner thigh. The strange feeling of silk sparks pleasure down to his toes but it only serves to frustrate him more, wanting nothing except Yunho to be on him or in him or something.

Yunho pulls away after a few more minutes of Changmin moaning his name, looking up at the younger man with a dark gaze heavy with lust.

“How do you feel?” he asks, placing the lightest of kisses on the head of Changmin’s erection. A startled cry has his cock twitching and Yunho pulls away completely to take off all his clothes.

“Want you, need you so much!” Changmin pants, covered in a light sheen of sweat.

“Let me see how much you want it, then,” Yunho breathes, licking his lower lip seductively.

Changmin feels his face flush at the request given in the form of a demand but he’s too desperate to feel pride. Immediately, his heels dig into the mattress as he pushes his hips up, crying out as silk slides smooth and rough up his cock, his hands clenched into fists under his butt.

It takes some getting used to but he finally starts finding a rhythm, doing everything he can to get as much sensation out of the handkerchief as possible. He loses himself in it, head tilted back, mouth open, eyes closed, panting into the room. It feels good enough that he could come if his cock wasn’t trapped tightly enough to prevent him from reaching orgasm.

“Please!” he moans again, face set in a grimace. “Yunho, please, I need you so bad-”

His eyes open in a daze when he feels Yunho’s arms reaching behind his body. There’s some manoeuvring involved but then the silk handkerchief comes off and Changmin lets out a deep breath of air as his cock is released. The relief only lasts for a moment, though, because Yunho’s suddenly climbing over him, smiling gently through the lust, and Changmin forget to breathe.

A firm, slow kiss is placed on his lips and Changmin parts them with a sigh, shivering when an unnaturally hot tongue slides into his mouth. It’s so slow that the entire room spins and his eyes roll back—Yunho’s kisses make him so weak and helpless he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. Even when the need to breathe becomes urgent, he’d rather pass out than break the kiss first, breathing harshly through his nose until Yunho pulls away far enough that only their tongues touch. Changmin can feel his hackles rising when Yunho keeps their tongues together but doesn’t deepen the kiss again.

“Get in my mouth!” he huffs breathlessly, pulling away to glare. Yunho laughs and Changmin feels his mouth twitch as he fights a smile, moaning appreciatively when Yunho brings their lips together again, lapping gently at the roof of Changmin’s mouth.

There isn’t any warning and Changmin has no time to prepare when Yunho suddenly pulls away. One second he’s trying to protest and the next there’s an unbearable heat around his cock.

A choked scream drags itself from his throat and his hips jerk up on their own. Yunho groans and slowly sinks all the way down on Changmin’s cock, one hand on the other man’s stomach to steady himself.

“Wha- when- you-” Changmin gasps, chest heaving. His mind is reeling with pleasure, Yunho’s suffocating heat threatening to make him lose it right then and there.

When had Yunho found the time to prep himself?

How had he not noticed?

Does it really matter anyway?

There is barely any waiting done before Yunho’s rising up on his knees until their bodies are almost separated and sitting down again, grinning at the loud moan it causes.

“Feel good?” he groans, rocking back and forth a little faster, adjusting to the thick length.

Changmin’s first answer is completely incoherent. Yunho bites his lower lip as his lover cries out again and again, each moan louder than the last, pushing off the bed wild and unrestrained.

His second answer sounds something like fucking love you feels so fucking good but Yunho can’t be sure, seeing as how in that small frame of time, Changmin’s thrust up into his prostate. Yunho finds his moans are just as loud as his lover’s and laughs at himself in his head for being so desperate.

“Changmin,” he groans, starting to bounce in the other’s lap, “Changmin, more…”

The younger man hasn’t stopped moaning since the get-go and isn’t set on stopping anytime soon. As soon as the request leaves Yunho’s mouth, he starts pushing against the mattress with his bound hands, canting his hips up at a ruthless rate, spurned to go even faster as Yunho’s cries start going higher in pitch.

He doesn’t last though—he can’t possibly considering how desperate he is—and with a strangled scream, Changmin finds himself releasing hard and fast into Yunho’s heat.

A choked moan leaves Yunho’s throat as hot come slicks his passage. Watching Changmin come is so erotic he winces as his cock throbs for the same kind of release his lover is experiencing.

Changmin barely breathes before he’s making demands.

“Don’t touch yourself,” he manages to pant semi-intelligibly, still shaking from orgasm.

“What?” Yunho groans, hand already going to his cock.

“Don’t fucking touch yourself!” Changmin repeats, squirming under Yunho’s body. “I want you to fuck me, and fuck me hard!”

Yunho considers his options.

He doesn’t consider long and removes himself with a groan, body clumsy with exhaustion and sexual frustration.

“Don’t bother,” Changmin breathes as he sees the other man setting up to prep him, “just do it.”


“No, just do it!” the youngest demands. His jaw his set in determination and Yunho sighs, too horny to resist. It takes more willpower than he has to resist Changmin like this.

He covers his cock in a generous amount of lube, nudging Changmin’s legs apart, and slowly pushes in, falling to his elbows to kiss away the soft whimpers of pain coming from Changmin’s lips.

A gasp of discomfort is the only sound that Changmin makes when Yunho slides all the way in, the older man shaking with desperation but fiercely denying himself the satisfaction of moving.

It takes longer to adjust but Changmin suddenly nudges the back of Yunho’s thigh with his heel and presses an impatient kiss to the side of Yunho’s mouth. That’s as good a sign as any and Yunho pulls out completely before pushing himself in again, moaning loudly at the scorching heat surrounding his cock.

That’s about right, Changmin thinks to himself in an incoherent daze, still too sensitive from his last orgasm to fight the rapidly approaching one.

Yunho is loud and unrestrained, one hand thrust in Changmin’s hair, his other arm reaching behind himself to grab onto Changmin’s thigh, forcing their bodies together, harsh and hard and ruthless, pounding in to the hilt without any sense of rhythm.

Changmin can feel himself hurtling towards orgasm again, eyes rolled back and fluttering shut in pleasure. He’s much more comfortable with Yunho between his legs like this and lord knows he fucking enjoys it.

“Changmin!” Yunho cries in warning, jerking his hips wildly, moans and gasps torn from his throat.

The youngest makes a sharp noise in the back of his throat and throws his head back, letting out a slow, husky shout, coming for the second time and it feels so good that it is borderline painful.

That’s all that Yunho’s going to take and he comes as deeply inside the other man as he can, losing all his breath, face pressed into Changmin’s neck.

He drifts off somewhere after the immediate incoherency that follows his orgasm. A soft mewl of pleasure catches his attention and Yunho looks up again after an eternity, eyes bleary, arms shaking from exhaustion. “Changmin…?” he whispers, throat dry.

“Yunho-yah,” Changmin murmurs, voice scratchy and raw, “you know I love you and I love being this close to you and I love having your come running down my thighs-”

Yunho flushes dark red and clears his throat.

“-but you know, I’ve lost all feeling in my hands.”

There’s a moment of absolutely no movement and Yunho jerks away, eyes wide, apologies falling out of his mouth as he scrambles to pull Changmin up. The youngest watches silently and with a smile on his face while Yunho fumbles for a key and takes the handcuffs off, looking guilty and staring at the bed.

“You,” Changmin says with a sigh, ruffling Yunho’s hair, “are the cutest damn thing I’ve ever come across in my life. Ever.”

“Sorry,” Yunho mumbles again.

“Aw!” the youngest literally coos, pulling Yunho in for a big hug. They’re both sweaty and sticky but he doesn’t mind as long as Yunho doesn’t, falling back into the sheets again. He snuggles into Yunho’s arms and pecks the older man gently on the lips before closing his eyes, satisfied and sated, drifting off to sleep.

“I love you,” he hears Yunho say.

“Love you,” Changmin whispers, glad he manages to get the words out before he slips into unconsciousness.


Yoochun’s effectively asleep on Jaejoong’s shoulder the next day. Junsu looks ready to drift off after him, head bobbing a few times before he gives it up altogether, leaning sideways onto Yoochun, falling asleep immediately.

Jaejoong yawns and shoots a glare at Changmin and Yunho standing next to each other on the other side of the room, cuddling and touching and being completely obvious again.

“At least they got it out of their systems,” he grumbles, letting his head fall back with a thunk, floating off to sleep on the sofa in their dressing room as they wait for the next interview to start.


...i totally flaked out on a title, omg lmaoooooooooooooooo sorry. XD dies. i just can't think of one at all.

if there are mistakes, well, in my defence, it's 4 in the morning. :x oh yeah, i'm working real hard on my essays. >_> dies.

i hope someone's enjoyed this cuz i feel like dying now. *__* so tired, guh. but uh, hope it's alleviated some of the sexual tension we're all feeling looking at all the fucking homin floating around these days?

EVERYONE'S SEEN THE VID OF YUNHO SAYING THAT LATELY CHANGMIN'S BECOME HIS BFF RIGHT? :') god, fandom. stop making it hard for me to be normal and not spaz my fangirl head off. homin asdljfsdfjjsdlfsdf god they're perfect.

...wtf, going to bed bed now. :')
Tags: author: y, media: fanfic, rating: nc-17
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