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[fan account] 110206 - yunho's bday fanmeet

Hi, all~ I went to Yunho's bday party fanmeet and thought I should post here about all the HoMin. I didn't understand a lot of what was said, so there isn't *much* in regards to that, but here's other moments that I saw! ^-^

-During the true/false segment, with Yunho's friends sitting behind the screen, as soon as Changmin sat down, everybody knew which he was. He tried to mask his voice with helium (the sound system wasn't properly messing up their voices) but Yunho kept referring to him as Changmin. lol

-When Changmin came out, there was a moment where Onew was asking a question. I'm not sure it was directed at Changmin, but Changmin was for sure about to speak. Until Yunho started answering, instead, and Changmin just kinda looked to the guy next to him like "lol".

-Fans were chanting for Changmin to either cake or punch Yunho (or both!) but Changmin was feeling merciful and didn't. I don't know his excuse, sorry!

-There was a lot of thigh touching, when they sat down.

-They sang "How Can I" and Yunho was super nervous about his voice, since he had been talking so much, but he still sang wonderfully and even looked in at Changmin on the last note.

-Changmin teased Yunho a lot, when Yunho had to leave the stage a bit to go to the bathroom (since he'd drunk so much water).

-A fan asked who was the first person to send Yunho birthday wishes and, while everyone shouted "Shim Changmin!" Yunho revealed it was actually his younger sister, Jihye. Then he talked about how Changmin's message was really short, just "Happy birthday." And Changmin said Yunho's response was equally short, just "Thank you." (I only understood this after a translation - at first I thought fans were shouting SHINee lol.)

-I don't know what he said, but Changmin said something that made Yunho laugh so hard he almost fell backwards off of his chair. He caught himself, though, luckily, but all the fans cracked up.

-Yunho talked about how Changmin helps him out with stalker fans.

-Changmin helped the fans bully Yunho into singing a bit of "Honey Funny Bunny."
-After Yunho did, he helped the fans pester Changmin into singing "Confession."
-And together they got Onew to sing "Your Name."

If you're interested in other things relevant to Yunho, I can edit this post or leave a comment with other notable moments, but this comm is for HoMin so... :) I won't bother the rest with it. Keke.
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